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Rod J. Rohrich is a distinguished professor and a plastic surgery doctor with considerable recognition both internally as well as internationally for his contributions in the fields of reconstructive surgery, plastic surgery, facial aesthetics, education as well as his rhinoplasty work and aging.

Dr. Rod Rohrich is currently serving as the distinguished professor in the Plastic Surgery department in the Southwestern Medical University in Dallas. He is also currently holding the Charity ball crystal as its famous chairperson in the plastic surgery category of medicine. He is also the current Warren and Betty Woodward head in plastic and reconstructive surgery chair. He is also the recipient of the Rod J. Rohrich MG in distinguished plastic surgery and wound healing. Currently, Rohrich is also serving as the editor of the Reconstructive and Plastic Surgery, which is the medical journal for the American Plastic Surgeons Association.

Dr. Rod was born and raised in the remote areas of Zeeland. He studied and completed his undergraduate as well postgraduate degrees from the University of North Dakota. He graduated with first class honors. Dr. Rod Rohrich decided to venture into medicine and received his degree in medicine from the Baylor College of Medicine and also graduated with a first class honors. From the University of Michigan Center, he decided to major in plastic surgeries from minor surgeries at the University of Oxford in England.

The world of cosmetic surgery on
has come to a full blown light and accessibility these days. Whether it is from wrinkling face to the happy Botox and the full-blown facelift as well as the breast implants. It is in this industry that it always seems to be a natural candidate that will always be enacted and disrupted by these novice entrepreneurs.

However, the industry these days is not limited to the wealthy socialites as well as the celebrities. It is now a mainstream activity accessible to virtually anyone interested in the services and big thanks to the TV shows like Extreme makeovers and Botched and also the infomercial ads that promote the very latest in the market of anti-aging products from cosmetics range.

As a result, there is an increase in prospective patients that do travel far and wide in search of doctors and get info through consultation that ends up costing up to five hundred dollars. Dr. Grey Breslow has developed the most efficient way to get doctors connected to patients online and offer solutions to them at the most affordable and comfortable way even through the chat forums. See:

Securus Finishes Investigation for Louisiana Public Service Commission

Inmate communications is a huge market. Recently, Securus Technologies, a review firm located in Dallas, Texas, just released a report of their findings regarding the current systems in use. Their goal was to investigate any wrongdoing in the prison communication system. One of their main targets was GTL.

GTL is one of the biggest providers of the communication systems. The reports were to look at specific allegations of complaints made against GTL and other vendors. Some carriers have sunk to all time lows to overcharge the prisons and inmates for making simple phone calls. However, the report found the GTL did not violate and abuse the systems. The investigation found that GTL does things the right way.

Securus reviewed many complaints made about GTL and they will release the findings over the next few months. In one instance, GTL has been accused of double billing the customers. Actually, the reports state that they could not find any infractions of that nature. Their job was to ensure that the telecommunication vendors brought a higher level of integrity to the prison phone communication systems.

They carry a big responsibility to the families of inmates and the inmates themselves. The call prices have been out of control. Some say that just a 15-minute call to a loved one in prison can cost upwards of $12-$15. Most families cannot afford to make such calls, and therefore their relationships suffer as a consequence. Securus took their job seriously and wanted to ensure that the information was as factual as possible.

The company was called to inspect from the Louisiana Public Service Commission. After so many complaints about the cost of calls, they felt it was about time they did something about it.

Securus Video Visitation – Kids from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

Kevin Seawright Climbs the Ladder of Success

Kevin Seawright was recently on the Larry Young Morning Show and spoke about his project with RPS Solutions. RPS Solutions was created in 2015 and constructs affordable homes in Baltimore. Kevin Seawright used his time on the show to talk about the company’s goals. He feels that the company and himself are simply passionate about Baltimore home ownership. The company deals with many first time home buyers and gives them the opportunity to own a home in a safe and stable neighborhood. He wants people to be proud of their home.

Kevin Seawright created RPS Solutions for the purpose of growing the home ownership rate past 48.3 percent. He wants to offer affordable options for the community and strives to create a safe and stable socioeconomic environment. The episode with Kevin Seawright can be view on the Larry Young Morning Show’s website.

Mr.Seawright is a business professional in the Baltimore area. He has used his career for working in local government sectors, helping education and working in the real estate world.He also worked as Executive Vice President for Neward Community Economic Development. For more information about him or to see what his future plans are with helping the community, he can be viewed on LinkedIn.

Kevin Seawright understands how hard it is to start a new business. He wants to help others reach their goals and is willing to offer loans to the right people. A small business can typically move forward and become fruitful. His goal is to take small businesses and move them to a higher threshold.

Kevin plans on continuing to build his career, help people find a comfortable home and spread the word about RPS Solutions. His business continues to grow and has build quite the positive reputation. Kevin has worked for Neward CEDC since September of 2014 and has stated that he truly enjoys working for the company.

Press Play KCRW And Wirth Discuss Drought Solutions

People all over the world are watching the California mountains and the Lake Tahoe area for the updates on the weather.

Winter brings skiers from all over to enjoy Lake Tahoe and Squaw Valley ski resorts. The recent drought has been in the headlines.

Everyone fears the possibility of less snow than normal. People are not allowed to use as much water daily because of the drought in California. Read more: How Will the Drought Affect California Ski Resorts?

The cut back is 27%. People are trying to stay positive and look forward to the cold winter season. The news of this being the driest season in a long time has got people asking what can they do? During a recent interview with Madeline Brand, Press play listeners got their answers.

The person Madeline was interviewing on Press Play is Andy Wirth. He is the CEO of Squaw Valley Holdings. He is concerned that everyone does not panic about the snow and winter season. He believes there will be enough snow to go around.

Because of fear and not understanding that summer and winter are not the same, tourism is down by about 20%. The drought is taking its toll on tourism.

Andy explains that this should not be going on right now due to the increase of summer events and the high numbers of participants to these events. He also explains that people should remember that out of 6000 acres, 4000 is usually covered in snow.

This is more than enough to satisfy any skier. Andy Wirth is hoping for a positive response to the recent interview. People tend to panic without thinking the whole situation out.

There are ways people can help with the moisture sand changes in the environment. We can all reduce our carbon footprints and make a difference in the world.

Madeline Brand of Press play was quick to ask how Squaw Valley and Californian resorts are going to handle a reduction in snow if it happens. Andy tells her that he hopes businesses and other resorts will position themselves to take advantage of the good snow years.

He is asking others to reduce their carbon footprints in the environment. He is asking everyone to plan on enjoying skiing this year just like the do every year.

Andy Wirth is a family man. His wife is a Real estate lawyer and they live in Truckee California. Andy has been with Squaw Valley for a few years. He has over 25 years experience. Andy was instrumental in the recent Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows merger.

Andy Wirth worked as a park backcountry ranger and a marketer for a steamboat ski and resort. Raising money for the wounded warrior project is important to Andy.

He recently had an accident ski diving and this made him think about his own life and how he was helping others. Check out his interview on KCRW.

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New Partnership for Forefront Capital Advisors

Brad Reifler, the Chief Executive Officer and founder of Forefront Capital Advisors, has announced a partnership with Easter Seals Dixon Center. Partnering with Easter Seals Dixon Center gives Forefront Capital Advisors the opportunity to help veterans and their families grow financial stability, thus being better able to succeed in and contribute to their communities. The partnership is to include a donation in the amount of three million dollars. The three million dollars the company is donating will be used to fund numerous programs for veterans. These programs include health & wellness, education, job training and caregiver training.

Forefront Capital Advisors is a global financial services firm that is led by its founder Brad Reifler. They, along with subsidiaries, provide merchant banking, investment banking and alternative investment management. The company has created several public and private investment program opportunities. Their products are high yielding, yet risk mitigated.

Brad Reifler says the Easter Seals Dixon Center is breaking down barriers and connecting veterans and their families to ways to access employment, healthcare and education. They work both locally and nationally to positively impact the lives of veterans and their loved ones. By changing the conversation about veterans, they highlight the potential of and create live altering opportunities for those who served the United States.

A partnership with Easter Seals Dixon Center makes good business sense for Forefront Capital Advisors. It also gives their employees and clients the opportunity to support this important cause. Both organizations believe the partnership will be a success and look forward to continuing to do important work for veterans and military families.  Read more about Brad’s qualifications for this work on LinkedIn.

George Soros is Taking a Personalized Approach to his Investment Strategies

George Soros is a mythical figure in today’s world. He is one of the few people in the world that is literally able to make billions of dollars through the process of investing. Soros has spent the vast majority of his life in the financial world and he has a lot to show for it.

Currently. Soros is one the top 50 richest people in the world. He ranks about number 30 on this list. His wealth is so immense that he could literally purchase and operate his own country if he wanted to. Thankfully, Soros is more concerned about how people are living today. This native Hungarian, Jewish billionaire now lives within the United States and he is heavily involved in politics.

George Soros has an investment company called the Soros Fund Management LLC. This firm is considered one of the best in the world in terms of profits. For many years Soros has led his organization. However, he had turned the management of the company over to a trusted chief investment officer while he handled other matters.

Mr. Soros is heavily involved within politics. While he is not a politician by trade, Soros stays close to politics because this is how he makes his money. When a country’s economy is in turmoil, Soros finds a way to profit from this situation. Soros does not harm an economy when he profits, he just sees an opportunity that presents itself for financial gain. He did this back in 1992 when the British pound had lost its value. He made billions of dollars from a short sale of this devalued currency.

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Billionaire Investor George Soros Sees Economic Trouble Ahead

Soros is not out to get rich out to get rich off of a nation’s misfortune. That would be counterproductive to his investment strategy and bottom line. In order for billionaires like Soros to stay financially healthy they need national economies to stay strong and vibrant.

Currently, Soros is seeing a lot of economic problems in China and the European Union. China has the world’s second largest economy but it’s starting to decline. The refugee crisis in Europe is threatening to end the European Union. Soros realizes that if China or the European Union fails, it will bring about a huge financial upheaval all across the globe. He does not necessarily want to profit from this but he will if people do not pay attention to his insight on the matter.

Keep in mind that Soros has been busy on the lecture trail for years warning people about these two impeding disasters. If China or the EU does not change course, then things will go wrong for these two political states. Soros does not want to see that happen. He knows that a lot of people’s lives would seriously be impacted by these changes. Once again, billionaires of Soros’s magnitude must have strong national economies in order to thrive.

Soros has returned back to his firm to lead investments because he wants to get back to his roots. He wants to ensure that his investments are being guided as he sees fit and he wants to ensure success not just for himself but for other people as well. The Wall Street Journal has more information about Soros’s going back to his company to personally guide his investment opportunities.

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George Soros Continues to Defend the Ukraine

Billionaire investor George Soros continues to voice his support for his birth country long after the conflict between the Ukraine and Russia has disappeared from the world’s headlines.

Back in February of 2014, George Soros Ukraine posted an article on the Project website that outlined the violence perpetrated on the Ukraine by Russia.

He described the uprising by Ukrainian citizens armed with only sticks, cardboard shields and garbage-can lids that pushed back police firing live rounds of ammunition.

Even though the civilian patriots suffered numerous casualties, they prevailed in an historic moment destined to leave a lasting impression on Ukraine’s historical memory.
 George Soros explained how that unlikely victory could happen by using a theorem from quantum mechanics. He said that humans behave both as individual particles and as components of a larger wave.

When the civilian army launched a suicidal attack on armed police forces in Kyiv on February 20, they were representing their nation, not their individual selves. This feeling of national pride far outweighed their own concerns with their own mortality. In the end, their efforts brought a deeply divided society away from a possible civil war to join together in a singular sense of unity.

Soros wouldn’t predict how long that sense of unity will last. The way Europe responds to the unwarranted intrusion on the Ukraine will be significant in determining its future. To this point, Soros feels that the European Union has been outmaneuvered by Russia.

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Ukraine & Europe: What Should Be Done?

In another Project Syndicate article published on May 28, 2014, Soros analyzed both the European Parliament election and the presidential election in Ukraine. Both produced contrasting results. Europe’s voters expressed their dismay the way the EU currently functions. The Ukrainian people, however, demonstrated a favorable view of the EU and expressed a desire to become associated with the union of countries.

Soros expressed hope in the article that the European leaders and citizens would consider what that vote means and how helping the Ukraine can also benefit Europe.

Unfortunately, the euro economic crisis has turned the EU into something radically different than its original purpose to unite all freedom-loving European countries. Creditor and debtor relationships between the various EU partners have turned into infighting that threatens the very future of the EU itself.

This distraction has left the Ukraine struggling on its own and trying to build support from countries outside the EU.

Meanwhile, Russia continues to gain strength as a dangerous economic and military rival to the EU. Under Russian leader Vladimir Putin, they are expressing global geopolitical ambitions and expansion with no fear of using military force if need be. By exploiting ethnic nationalism, Putin is bolstering his power at home.

The annexation of Crimea has made Putin a popular leader in Russia. Even more telling, he is attempting to weaken the perception that the United States has global domination by seeking a closer alliance with China. To the dismay of the EU and America, this plan has been received favorably by most of the rest of the world.

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Eric Pulier, an American Entrepreneur

Eric Pulier has established himself as a notable and influential American entrepreneur, author and philanthropist. Born and raised in New Jersey, he spent much of his young life enamored with technology. He began programming computers as early as fourth grade. This hobby eventually developed into a profession early on, as he started his own database computer company while he was still in high school. After doing so and finishing high school, he left New Jersey to attend Harvard University, graduating in 1988 magna cum laude. He majored in English and American Literature and spent his free time editing and writing a column in the school newspaper. In addition to all of his work at Harvard, he took classes at nearby MIT.

After graduating, Eric Pulier moved to Los Angels and founded his second company called People Doing Things, which specialized in addressing health care and education through the use of technology. In 1998, this company merged with another, and Pulier went on to build Starbright World, which was a platform for sick children to blog and connect with others who were going through similar ordeals.

In addition to his professional accomplishments in the private field, in 1997, Pulier was selected to create the Presidential Technology Exhibition in Washington D.C. Following his performance at the exhibition, he participated in Al Gore’s health care and technology forum.

Aside from his two previously mentioned major companies, Pulier has founded numberous other ventures, such as his company Akana. He also co-authored a book noted for ints contribution to service-oriented architecture.

Pulier is also a noted philanthropist who is a large donor to some of the best examples of non-profit organizations. In addition, he sits on the innovation board at the X-Prize Foundation which awards prizes to those who solve what are deemed humanities greatest challenges.

Pulier also sits on the board of The Painted Turtle, which is a camp designated specifically for children with chronic illnesses. This follows his creation of his social media platform, Starbright World.

Overall, Eric Pulier is an outstanding example of an American entrepreneur and philanthropist dedicated to the public.

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Keith Mann and His Company Support the Uncommon Schools

It is always a good thing when you hear about people coming together, to raise money for a noble cause. Helping low income students get access to quality education, is one such cause. Keith Mann and Dynamic Search Partners, held one such event at the Standard Hotel Beer Garden, to raise money for Uncommon Schools. This event generated $22 000, which will be used to pay for the PSAT’s AND AP testing, for the students at the school.

Uncommon schools is a group of 42 public schools, located in New Jersey, Massachusetts and New York. These schools were established to assist low income students, to prepare to graduate from institutions of higher learning. They are managed by people located at the home office based in New York, and the regional teams who give updates of the events happening on the ground.

Dynamic partners, begun working with Uncommon Schools in 2013. Their goal was to create a platform which would enable the students at these schools, to acquire skills which could help them in college and also later in life. Before the fundraiser, they had already donated $10,000, to ensure that all the students get the testing they need.

When talking about this matter, Keith Mann said that they had already toured all the institutions, and even sat in for some of the meetings. He also said it was encouraging to see students that eager to learn about how to sell themselves, when looking for jobs and internship positions. Mr. Mann is looking forward to working with the students at the schools now, and also in the coming years.

About Keith Mann

Keith Mann is an expert at helping companies find, and hire the right people for the job. Having been in the executive search industry for over fifteen years, he is well versed in hedge fund compensation, and coming up with staffing and hiring strategies. He previously worked with Dynamics Executive Search, as the managing director. While there he established the alternative investment practice in 2002, to serve the hedge fund industry. In 2006 he expanded the practice into the private equity sector.

He later branched and developed Dynamic Search Partners in 2009, where is the acting CEO, and handles how the company is run. They work in the alternative investment industry, and serve over 200 clients every year in the US, Europe, and Asia

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John Goullet, the principle behind IT staffing and marketability in DIVERSANT LLC

DIVERSANT LLC is an IT professional consultant firm that was founded and owned by Gene C. Wendy. The company offers high quality IT staffing and thus it is ranked as one of the largest African-American owned IT staffing and solution firm. Among the numerous IT firm, the company has proved resilience through realizing dramatic growth even during the economic down heels. Throughout the economic up heels, the company has maintained reputable and excellent services to its clients.

The company is value driven and focuses on proprietary screen process that evaluates individual’s job description and resumes. Therefore, the company is able to offer an excellent match between the various jobs and IT professionals the can deliver the best. In fact, DIVERSANT LLC has partnered with midmarket companies and leading fortune 500, this enables it to give the job seekers a better opportunity where they can venture into a successful career in IT.

John Goullet is the principle behind the company’s success. Through his entrepreneurial skill, Goullet has helped to identify promising ventures in the IT field that has accrued significant opportunity not only to the company but also to the IT job seekers. John was initially working as an IT consultant before he ventured into staffing and therefore he has a wider understanding of the mushrooming ventures in this market field.

John’s entrepreneurial skills are also identified in the fact that he was the founder of the Info Technologies, which was an IT Staffing that endeavored to offer Fortune 500 companies with staffing solutions. Therefore, DIVERSANT LLC is founded on John entrepreneurial ideas. John management abilities is also reflected in the company’s tremendous growth whereby within five years, Info Technologies was transformed into a $30 million net worth company and was ranked 8th among the fastest growing privately owned company by the Inc. Magazine in the United States. After DIVERSANT LLC and Info Technologies merged, John has passionately focused on realizing new approaches through overcoming challenges facing the IT market. Therefore, the role of John Gullet in DIVERSANT LLC cannot be undermined.

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