Brenda Wardle and Woke Twitter on Racism In South Africa

Brenda Wardle became a globally recognized figure after appearing on news media outlets explaining the legal process taking place under South African law during the Oscar Pistorius trial. Pistorius claimed that when he approached the bathroom door, he fired shots thinking there was an intruder who had climbed through his bathroom window and locked themselves inside, a story that was so far-fetched to be believed. This trial proved to be a long, drawn-out trial in which popular legal analyst Brenda Wardle followed and covered in-depth.

She is a respected in the legal field with extensive experience. She holds three law degrees specializing in but not limited to medical law, forensic medicine, and advanced constitutional and fundamental rights. She is currently working towards achieving a doctorate in Law.

Brenda Wardle had been critical of the entire trial process from the very start. The defense for Pistorius put on an unbelievable story, and the prosecution was unable to unravel the mystery. Brenda reported on TV on a daily basis telling the world how the trial was going on without giving her opinion and wanted to make sure that South Africa residents were well informed about the case.

The ‘Woke Twitter’ movement has become well known in South Africa after three Facebook and Twitter users, Chris Hart, Penny Sparrow and Justin Van Vuuren were charged with criminal offenses for racist comments made online. Their remarks were quickly picked up by the stay woke twitter movement that brought them to the national limelight. The term was coined by the local communities and since then, it has been using a collective responsibility to mobilize people on Twitter and other social media platforms like Facebook. Simply put, being ‘Woke’ means that one is politically and socially conscious. Wardle responded that that it was intentionally racist and damaging and prejudiced the rights of all blacks from South Africa. In South Africa, Woke Twitter is responsible for the #RhodesMustFall movement. Individuals who wish to join in the widespread ongoing dialogues can do so on Twitter through the use of the hashtag #woke.

Brenda Wardle has many years of legal experience analyzing some of the most high profile cases both in South Africa and beyond. Wardle is currently pursuing her education in the legal field by studying at the University of South Africa.

Humans Right Foundation Blasts Nicki Minaj for Angola Performance

Jaws hit the floor after rapper Nicki Minaj performed a December 2015 in Angola, against the advice of Human Rights Foundation founder Thor Halvorssen. Halvorssen warned Minaj that to perform in Angola would indirectly support the actions of the country’s cruel dictator, Jose dos Santos.

Halvorssen’s message to Minaj was clear.

“When you accept payment from Angola, you are sponsoring a regime of terror,” Halvorssen said sternly. “These funds are the result of government corruption and human-rights violations.”

The rapper, known for her eccentric fashion sense and vulgar lyrics, could not have cared less. Despite growing up in poverty, Minaj performed the concert for a staggering $2 million payout. The average citizen in Angola makes an average wage of less than $1 per day.

Minaj isn’t the only international superstar to eat from hand-to-mouth. Jennifer Lopez, Kanye West, and Sting have all received payments to perform for some of the world’s most loathed dictators. Mariah Carey even put on a short, private concert for Gadaffi, to the tune of $1 million. Carey was shamed by the public and later admitted her embarrassment.

Thor Halvorssen himself is a celebrity of sorts, working as a film-maker in addition to his work as a human rights activist. He founded the Oslo Freedom Forum in 2009 and had worked with other activists from around the world. Halvorssen’s work has earned him worldwide recognition. Several of his documentary films have won industry awards.

Halvorssen biggest desire in life is to see all of mankind walking as equals.

The Amazing Success of Majeed Ekbal

The earthquake in Nepal is something that left an entire country devastated and a whole world mourning. There were many individuals who wanted to do something about this terrible devastation but did not know where to start. Majeed Ekbal was one of the individuals who rose to the occasion and started doing something about this problem. Majeed Ekbal created a Go Fund Me account where those who are sharing in the suffering can be relieved through charitable donations from individuals all over the world.

Majeed Ekbal is an individual who has been creating a great deal of success for himself and the communities that he has been a part of. There are many different ventures that Majeed Ekbal has helped to bring to fruition, but the bulk of his success has been in the grocery industry. This success has not only been only in brick and mortar grocery stores but also the pioneering of shop at home technologies that did not exist in the early nineties. Majeed Ekbal saw a clear vision of the future of the internet and decided to create some of the first online shopping experiences for groceries that ever existed. Through these different shop at home endeavors, Majeed Ekbal was able to bring forth a whole new version of digital success to his industry.

Majeed Ekbal continues to push forward in the world of business with great new endeavors that are not only pushing forward his own personal success but are also pushing forward the success of the industries and communities which he is a part of. Majeed Ekbal has a great future lined up ahead of him and there are many great new success in store for this amazing entrepreneur. Whether in real estate, online endeavors, fundraising, or other fields, it is sure that Majeed Ekbal will be creating many new changes that are beneficial to all of us. Majeed has a profile on for more information.

BMG Simplifies Financial Management

In the spring of 2014 BMG signed an association contract with Itaú Unibanco S.A. This business agreement was dedicated to the process of their payroll loans with intentions to be developed. This merger provided BMG with enormous advantages such as allowing the bank to place emphasis on several calculated products such as the financing of vehicles, an in-demand payroll credit card and BMG Empresas (providing funds to various sized businesses and contractors of several economic assemblies).

Even in its earliest stages of operation, BMG realized that in order for a bank to prosper and grow, it must continuously seek change and understand their target market. Having an awareness of knowing who your customers are or what type of businesses that they are involved in is crucial. BMG has always been a bank with a skilled capacity to offer resolutions for businesses and individuals in all areas of life. Fortified with years of experience, the bank offers products ranging from insurance, investments and credit cards. The professional team knows a multitude of ways that customers and businesses can appropriatly manage financial resources. For example, if a BMG customer is short on cash, they can opt to use a credit for purchases that are needed. This credit line allows them to avoid inconveniences when they occur unexpectedly whether they are for private or business use.

BMG also understands that retirement is a very important event that takes sensible planning in order to live comfortably in the future. Individual’s such as BMG Vice President and Director Marcio Alaor ensures that his team assists customers to properly manage their retirement investments. This service helps individuals to contemplate putting their funds into various accounts holding stocks and bonds. With these particular accounts, the individual has the potential to increase income and capital. Ultimately this will provide individuals with plenty of time to fund their financial visions for the long term.

Regulated by the Pentagna Guimarães family, BMG is a financial organization that is privately owned. Since 1930, the Pentagna Guimarães’ have been immersed in the industry of finance, dating back to when they created Banco de Crédito Predial S.A. Currently, BMG possess 40% of elective capital stock while Itaú Unibanco enjoys the remainder. With its proud history and Marcio Alaor as vice president, BMG Bank has managed to sustain itself as a valuable leader among banks not only in Brazil but throughout all of Latin America.

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The Success Story of Status Labs in Online Reputation Management

Online reputation has been one of the key areas that have affected many people globally. This has affected many prominent personalities globally leading to loss of careers. As such, many companies have emerged offering alternative online reputation management platforms and online profile development to boost personality status on the internet. The internet has provided a wide range of services that have been abused by online hackers who have damaged reputation of companies and people globally. Status Labs is one of the leading online management company and a public relations firm that works towards protecting personality reputation online. According to PRWeek, Status Labs has grown in the recent years to open branches in São Paulo and New York. With its headquarters in Austin Texas, Darius Fisher has invested in professional personalities that have contributed to the advancement of his company to global limelight. The company is committed in ensuring people and politicians globally are given a second chance in airing their views after defamation through providing alternative platforms of passing information and ensuring the online profile of individuals is protected.

As such, the company has expanded in its customer base and serves more than 1500 clients globally with clients in over 35 countries globally. This has been the driving force behind the success of the company into its current global position. As a public relations and marketing firm, the company has continued to invest in marketing strategies that have attracted many companies and people globally.

Darius Fisher has continued to flourish in the online management industry prompting him to receive many invitations for business talks and conferences. For instance, he has been invited to talk in the upcoming Impact15 which is an annual three day conference to be held in Las Vegas. During the campaign, the Darius Fisher will talk about the importance of protecting and managing your digital presence. Darius Fisher intends to outline the tools that help in the search engine optimization process and the important way of protecting online management process.

In other occasions, Darius Fisher has outlined the necessary steps to take in order to minimize damaging of personal reputation online. For instance, removing your personal data online is one process of maintain personal information is kept safe. Removing phone numbers and personal address online contributes a lot in maintaining safety on personal profile online. Changing social media privacy settings is another sure way of protecting your information online.

How a Small Mistake Can Ruin a Brand

Ryan Holmes, HootSuite founder and CEO, found himself in trouble after an innocent post on his Instagram handle turned into a PR nightmare. The picture was him holding a whisky glass and captioned “Cheers to my homies”. Ordinarily it shouldn’t have raised eyebrows except it did thanks to the context of the post. It was hours after he had laid off 65 employees. The comments below the photos told the feelings of the fired employees. It was a gaffe that will prove difficult to clean up. It is a classic example of what happens if you don’t think of what you post.

Status Labs CEO, Darius Maxwell Fisher, says it’s important to conduct social media training for company executives. They are after all the face of the businesses and their private lives significantly influence the public perception of the firm. What is not in doubt is the role of online hygiene on the success of a brand.
In a world where social media has become such a powerful tool, some mistakes are not acceptable. They can lead to the death of a brand. Today, most people Google search a business before buying. A whopping 80% will not do business with a firm with negative reviews.
The positive thing is 90% of people don’t search beyond the 1st page and companies like Status labs seek to clean up a company’s image online. It combines traditional PR techniques and proprietary SEO engineering to maintain and clean up damaged online reputations. Their mission is to improve the image of their clients online.
Status Labs is based in Austin Texas but has offices in New York and Sao Paolo Brazil. It was founded by its current CEO Darious Maxwell Fisher. It was after he realized a market gap in the gap on the need for online reputation management. Small mistakes have ruined many businesses, and Status Labs seeks to redress that.
Most of its clients are high net worth individuals, companies and brands seeking to better their profile. Status Labs advises one to be careful what they post online and to control the narrative.

There’s a YouTube Video For That, Too

Need advice cooking pasta to perfection? There’s a YouTube video for that. Need instructions setting up your grandma’s new flat screen TV? There’s a YouTube video for that as well. YouTube is one of the biggest social media outlets, reaching over 1 billion users each month. With millions of videos available to stream, there’s bound to be something to reach everyone’s interests.

Every day, average people post content, gain subscribers, and become YouTube stars, sometimes even overnight. Your next-door neighbor could be the man behind the handy, detailed mechanical videos describing how to work on a 1965 mustang engine. There are so many talented YouTubers out there, creating content, gathering a following, and making a name for themselves.

It seems, however, that the key to a great YouTuber is one that finds a unique niche to explore and attracts followers interested in that subject matter. A recent survey in Variety claimed, “U.S. teenagers are more enamored with YouTube stars than they are the biggest celebrities in film, TV, and music.” This trend probably carries over to other countries as well, since YouTube stars are from all across the world.

Wendy Huang, YouTube personality and founder of The Wonderful World of Wengie, has used her online marketing expertise and interest in beauty to become one of these talented YouTubers. She is one of the most subscribed YouTube beauty channels in Australia. Her site was created over four years ago while she worked on marketing services for another company. She wanted to create her own site and design videos and blog updates to understand how to deal with issues the company had with their site.

Since then, Wengie has gained people’s interest by staying true to her niche and keeping consistent with her updates. Fashion, beauty and all things girly, is how she describes what she blogs about on her website, Wendy uses her passions and inspiration to communicate to her followers. She is genuine and her followers see that.

YouTube is big; real big. But you can only reap the benefits if you put work into it. Wengie claims she blogged three times a week for almost a year before she saw any growth in readership. YouTube can give you an opportunity to create a following, but you have to be willing to put the work into it.

Europe Now Grabbing Attention of Venture Capitalists

Europe is fast becoming the new frontier for venture capital. Over the years, the U.S. and Asia have been enjoying this privilege. This is beginning to change. More and more venture capitalists are setting their sights on Europe.

Tech giants are moving into Western Europe, all seeking the tech outfits that promise to deliver. Google, Intel, and Microsoft are looking for data mappers, game developers among other outfits, all in a bid to move into the European market.

A reason for the unprecedented interest in the region, not popular for cutting-edge innovation, is the cheaper cost of startups in the region. Large corporations stand to benefit by getting well-educated and talented individuals for their workforce at a comparatively lower price than in the U.S.

Startups are becoming more aware that they are in need of American money for the purpose of scaling up and making their businesses global entities. It works to the advantage of these startups that American investors are moving into the European market. John Somorjai of Salesforce Ventures in October announced a commitment in the European market, with $100 million to be invested in the region.

In the past, startups in Europe have been taking long to scale up and hit sales figures of 100 million euros. Firms such as Xing are a perfect example. Despite being in existence for some time now, the company has not yet gained traction. The firm has lost to LinkedIn as the preferred platform for German professionals.

The European startup scene is still in its early stages. This is evidenced by the growing pains experienced in the sector. Firms such as Deezer have been forced to postpone their initial public offerings, owing to volatility in the market.

Highland Capital Management is a worldwide leader in the provision of venture capital. The firm enjoys excellence in the performance of its hedge funds, with a majority of them scooping various awards and accolades. Since being founded in 1993, over $18 billion in assets has been under the management of the firm.

Jim Dondero is the man to thank for the success enjoyed by the firm. Mr. Dondero bears the responsibility of being the firm’s president. His vast experience spans three decades in the credit and equity markets.

Jim received his Commerce Degree from the University of Virginia. He worked tirelessly and in the end graduated with the highest honors. In his career, Jim has managed billions of dollars’ worth of assets. This puts him among the top hedge fund managers globally.

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Ricardo Guimarães from Banco BMG Receives Honors degree of Town Hall

From Dino Blog “Empresário e ex presidente do Banco BMG, Ricardo Guimarães, recebeu da Câmara Municipal o diploma de Honra ao Mérito no dia 18 de abril de 2011.”

Businessman and former chairman of Banco BMG Ricardo Guimarães, born in Belo Horizonte, received the City Council the Merit Honor diploma on April 18, 2011.

Flávio Guimarães Pentagna son and grandson of Antônio Mourão Guimarães, founder of the bank. In 1980 he began working in the family business in 1980 as an office assistant. In 1988, he graduated in business administration from UNA.

The solemn ceremony conducted by Daniel Nepomuceno request for delivery of the award was initiated by the president of the house Léo Bourgeois de Castro who then went on to front the work for his colleague.

Léo Bourgeois cited during the meeting the great work done by Ricardo Guimarães Clube Atlético Mineiro from 2001 to 2006 as president. The parliamentarian expressed his satisfaction “reopen the house put” then remembering that in 2004 Ricardo Guimarães was awarded the Grand Collar of the Legislative Merit.

During the work it was also highlighted by Mr Fred Costa qualities of Ricardo Guimarães who managed to become a successful businessman leading to brand loyalty and ethics, in addition to supporting the national sport, fond of all sports, tennis and volleyball and so many others who always supported, sponsored and direct investments.

It is worth mentioning that in 2010 created the Ricardo Soccer BR1, an investment fund in football athletes. Considered the first in the country regulated CVM (Brazilian Securities Commission), the same year of its creation was invested more than R $ 20 million in buying the economic rights of several athletes who are at work in eight clubs. Because of him, we can say that BMG is like Fred Costa cites “the national sport patrons.”

The deputy governor Alberto Pinto Coelho said the honor deservedly crowned the saga of an important family, always committed to the development of sports, as well as stating that “the work of Ricardo Guimarães has the seal of commitment and citizenship. It is an example for our society. ” Then the chairman of the House did reading the terms diploma and handed it to the honored along with Daniel Nepomuceno, who along with Fred Costa also gave Ricardo Guimarães a plate.

During thanks Ricardo Guimaraes said he felt honored to continue the tradition started by his grandfather front of the BMG, and say that in Belo Horizonte are their professional and family roots.

During the ceremony was attended by the Secretary of State of Government, Danilo de Castro; President of the Legislative Assembly of Minas Gerais (ALMG), deputy Dinis Pinheiro (PSDB); Congressman Wellington Prado (PT); the Municipal Secretary of Finance, José Afonso da Silva Bicalho Beltrao, represented the mayor Marcio Lacerda (PSB); the state representative Luzia Ferreira; Luiz Otavio “Ziza” Valadares; the state representative Savio Souza Cruz (PMDB); Judge Jose Marcos Rodrigues Vieira; Deputy CEO of National School of Magistrates (ENM), Judge Jose Nepomuceno da Silva, representing the Association of Brazilian Magistrates; the father of the honoree, Flávio Guimarães Pentagna, son Flávio Guimarães Neto and ngela Pentagna Guimarães. You can learn more about him by visiting the site

Labiaplasties and Why They Have risen In Popularity

Over the past few decades, plastic surgery has become exponentially more popular because it is now cheaper than it used to be, and much more widely available than it has been before. Labiaplasties are now much more popular than they have been in the past, with a forty-seven percent increase in labiaplasty surgeries performed from 2013 to 2014. It has been believed that the increase in labiaplasties requrested and completed is due in part to women showing off more on social media websites coupled with the popularity of yoga pants and other spandex-tight clothing. Women are already self-conscious about themselves, but these factors have added more fuel to the fire.

Labiaplasties are typically cosmetic surgeries that older women or women with a child or multiple children get to make themselves look better. According to Dr. Jennifer Walden, these two reasons are two main contributions to the increase in demand for labiaplasties.
Dr. Walden estimates that now, she usually performs between two and four labiaplasties per week of work, which is a significant amount, considering she is the only practicing plastic surgeon at her private practice.

Dr. Jennifer Walden got her start by going to college at the University of Texas, originally for studying biology for her undergraduate degree. She then decided that she wanted to retain her attendance within the University of Texas schooling system and earn her medical doctorate, all while becoming the salutatorian of her graduating class in medical school at Galveston.

Dr. Jennifer Walden first started a plastic surgery practice in Manhattan, the same place where she earned her fellowship program at. She then moved back to her hometown of Austin, Texas and ended up practicing plastic surgery there. Dr. Jennifer Walden has been featured on many major news networks because she is widely considered one of the best workers of her trade.