The Video Chat by Talk Fusion wins a Product Year Award

Tech Fusion is a leading company in the video marketing services. The company was established in 2007 and has since focused on the provision of solutions in several business competition platforms. The company has assisted its clients in improving profits and sales through a proper marketing strategy. Many customers of the product had use the product and enjoyed its powerful benefits. The result is that the company has increased its profits and sales. Talk Fusion is a firm that reaches out to businesses and strives to come up with entities that are both memorable and engaging. The innovative products made by the company are usually promoted in over 140 countries. The communication provided by the company offers a company-to-person kind of communication.


Through the company’s video chat, users have accessed a face-to-face communication with anyone from any location. The software became highly popular in the market after it was first introduced. It was made available in stores such as iTunes and Google Play. The product is today available to millions of users across the world. Talk Fusion can be described a global company that avails its services to people in different parts of the world. The growth and success of the company saw it receive recognition in 2016 through a communication award of the year. The recognition goes hand-in-hand with the WebRTC Recorder provided by the company. The firm built a separate website that handles the company’s communication.


Rein Bob is the founder of Talk Fusion. He stated that he started the company as a method to give back to nonprofit organizations. The firm donates a certain amount to a charity of their choice. The goal of the company was simple yet powerful. He has since helped nonprofits and charity organizations across the globe to reach a large population. Charities and organizations use Talk Fusion’s services such as the Video Chat, Live Meetings, Video Newsletters, and Video Email. Apart from his contribution through Talk Fusion, Bob Reina has always devoted himself to finding effective ways which he can help people. He has helped many people achieve their dreams through coming up with creative marketing products.

Making the Most of Securus Systems

You will be amazed at just how many people are beginning to use Securus on a regular basis. This is an amazing system that is truly change in the world of prison families or individuals all over the country. It is something that I have been using with amazing success and this is why I recommended to so many individuals all over the country because it is something that has totally transformed my life and I feel I can transform a lot of other individuals lives as well.


A multi-state campaign was recently launched by Securus because it was helping to raise awareness of video visitation Services among prison families around the world. This is an amazing company that is allowing more and more people to keep in touch with their friends and family Behind Bars without always making the trip to the prison itself. A lot of people are beginning to benefit from this amazing service because of what it is able to do for them and it is something I have been using with amazing success and continue to use because of the fact that my loved one is still behind bars.


There has never been a better service than the one you will find with Securus because of all of the technology that has been put into place within this company. The technology that you are going to be using when utilizing Securus is top quality and will allow you to finally video visit with your loved one without needing to always make a trip to the prison just to be able to see them face to face. In fact, a lot of people feel that video visitation from home allows for a more personal experience that they simply will not get anywhere else.


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Securus Technologies


Eric Lefkofsky and his contributions to the society

Early life and education background
Eric was born in September 1969 and grew up in Southfield, Michigan. He has three siblings. His father was a structural engineer, and the mother was a teacher. He studied law at the University of Michigan where he attained his bachelor’s degree. Lefkofsky proceeded to the University of Michigan Law School to advance his studies, and he attained his Juris Doctor. He began his entrepreneurship career back in his freshman years at the University of Michigan where he was selling carpets.

After graduating from the law school, Eric and his friend borrowed some money and bought a clothing company named Brandon Apparel in Madison, Wisconsin. The two continued investing in businesses together. They started an internet company, Starbelly. They later sold the company and bought another one, and this became their trend. Later, the establishing, buying and selling companies led to the creation of Groupon, which became a darling of the technology sector. The company was recognized by Forbes as the fastest developing firm in the business history.

Eric also co-founded Lightbank, a financial organization majoring in investments. The headquarters are based in Chicago. The company provides several venture capitalist investment opportunities to the clients.

Lefkofsky has worked as a teacher and taught in many prominent schools. He was a professor at Kellstadt Graduate School of Business where he taught Applied Technology. He teaches entrepreneurship and web-based courses at the Chicago Booth School of Business.

Eric Lefkofsky co-founded Tempus, a tech company that facilitates delivery of personalized cancer care by the physicians. Tempus is prominent for their cancer advanced technology for battling cancer. Physicians can deliver personalized cancer care treatment through analytical and machine learning programs. Tempus offers a genomic sequencing facility. In addition, it ensures medical practitioners make more accurate decisions by providing molecular examining and therapeutic data services. Hence, the decisions made by doctors are based on real time data. Tempus is focused on creating a precise oncology. The software enables physicians to use the availed data to treat patients better without spending much time researching on answers. This ensures that the doctor spends most of the time with the patient and not at the laboratories trying to compare data. The main role of Tempus is to make the doctors’ work easier.

The role of Eric at Tempus
Eric is the current CEO of Tempus. After intensive research, he spearheaded the creation of an operating system that battles cancer. The main role of Eric in the company is that he established a company that researches of ways to curb cancer. His mission is to come up with advanced technology and avail it to the best doctors so that they can effectively treat cancer patients. Tempus has a program that analyzes a patient’s data based on analytics obtained from other cancer patients.

Eric Lefkofsky is an active philanthropist. Together with his wife, Elizabeth, they started a foundation named Lefkofsky Family Foundation. This foundation has many schools and businesses which are dedicated to improving the lives of people from the communities Lefkofsky has been involved with. Eric is also a signatory of the Giving Pledge, a campaign pledge started by Warren Buffett and Bill Gates to appeal to wealthy people to contribute to philanthropic causes.

The contributions of Eric in the entrepreneurship sector
Eric has made the world a better place to live for many people using his entrepreneurial expertise which have ascertained to be valuable to humankind. He has created a company that works diligently to battle cancer and better the lives of people with cancer.

More here on Lefkofsky’s website.

Dr. Jennifer Walden author and one of the few stellar female plastic surgeons in America

First, let’s clear up the numbers, yes she is one of the very few female board certified plastic surgeons in America. She is also only one of 12 that live in Texas. There are approximately 8,100 or so board certified plastic surgeons doing business in the United States today and of these only 851 are women. That’s only about 9.012% of the male board certified plastic surgeons that practice in America.

What’s the difference in being a board certified plastic surgeon and not being board certified? The difference is fairly large. If the plastic surgeon is certified you are getting the best of the best. Just because you see a plastic surgeon and he has the acronyms MD, MS, GYN, GP, ENT and he also claims he does plastic surgery on his door or on his business card that in no way means that he’s board certified or that he knows what she’s doing.

All doctors must be licensed by the state they practice in to have an MD by their name. A board certified doctor, on the other hand, must meet the same requirement to get their license to practice in the state they do business in but they must also receive a minimum number of additional hours of education and training and pass exams on that training above and beyond what is required for a license. Board certification, unlike a license to practice, is also a specialty specific designation.

Jennifer Walden grew up in Austin, Texas and was salutatorian of her class at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston, Texas. After graduation there, she moved to New York and attended the Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital. This educational hospital was established in 1869 and is internationally recognized for its accomplishments in ophthalmology, otolaryngology, and plastic surgery.

After her studies were completed, she returned to her hometown of Austin to start her own practice. The amazing thing that happened to her is that before her plane landed in Austin two patients had already booked surgeries with her to have their breasts augmented. This was totally out of the blue and she had expected to sit around her office for days waiting for my phone to ring. Because of those new clients, one thing became perfectly clear to her, Austinites had as much desire for quality plastic surgery as anybody else.

Being a female plastic surgeon has had its advantages too. What most people are not aware of os that most cosmetic surgeries are performed on women; these procedures range from breast augmentation to tummy tucks and face lifts. They’re also done mostly for reasons that most people don’t understand. These surgeries are not done by the women that want them so they can try to replicate that Barbie style body type. No, they want the surgery because they are dissatisfied by some asymmetrical or sagging part of their body. Another major reason is that their body went through a major change after giving birth like the spreading of the abdominal walls or deflated breasts because of breastfeeding. In Addition, another reason she is so successful is that many of Walden patients tell her they are much more comfortable talking about their bodies with a woman than with a man.


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A Changing Workforce Thanks To The Popularity of Coworking Spaces

The economy is changing. The workforce is also changing. People are looking for better ways to make a living. This often involves greater freedom. Among the better ways o work is co-working spaces. There are also co-living spaces. However, co-working spaces are gaining a lot of popularity because of the type of environment it offers. For one thing, co-working spaces provide a more relaxed environment which allows co-workers to be more creative. This is definitely a good place for entrepreneurs to establish themselves professionally. Co-working spaces also provide some kind of structure while allowing people to express their own individuality.

One co-working space that people are enjoying is Workville. Workville ha a lot of innovative features for people who are seeking co-working spaces. Among the spaces that they have to offer are shared offices, move-in ready offices and plenty of other provisions for people that are interested. Workville also allows people to take meetings in the cafe/lounge area. The whole set up for Workville is very laid back. People are also inspired to socialize and connect with each other. This is one great alternative to the social media world which often keeps people apart. It is definitely a nice alternative to the traditional workplace which brings about a lot of negativity for people.

The traditional workforce has been known as a stressful environment. Often times, people are worried about whether or not they are going to have their jobs the next day. There is also the workplace politics that are usually frustrating for workers. The small office or cubicle is also not a fun place to be. The office also has set hours that people have to show up. There is little wonder why people are often very stressed about going to work.

Co-working spaces is almost the opposite of what the traditional workplace is. Co-working spaces offer a lot of flexibility and structure. People communicate and cooperate with each other. Everyone is let in on what is going on. There is less of a tendency towards scapegoating. This is why more people are finding it easier to thrive in New York with offices for rent like Workville.


source: Harvard Business Review

Cosmetic Surgery; Just A of A Touch Of A Button Away

Rod J. Rohrich is a distinguished professor and a plastic surgery doctor with considerable recognition both internally as well as internationally for his contributions in the fields of reconstructive surgery, plastic surgery, facial aesthetics, education as well as his rhinoplasty work and aging.

Dr. Rod Rohrich is currently serving as the distinguished professor in the Plastic Surgery department in the Southwestern Medical University in Dallas. He is also currently holding the Charity ball crystal as its famous chairperson in the plastic surgery category of medicine. He is also the current Warren and Betty Woodward head in plastic and reconstructive surgery chair. He is also the recipient of the Rod J. Rohrich MG in distinguished plastic surgery and wound healing. Currently, Rohrich is also serving as the editor of the Reconstructive and Plastic Surgery, which is the medical journal for the American Plastic Surgeons Association.

Dr. Rod was born and raised in the remote areas of Zeeland. He studied and completed his undergraduate as well postgraduate degrees from the University of North Dakota. He graduated with first class honors. Dr. Rod Rohrich decided to venture into medicine and received his degree in medicine from the Baylor College of Medicine and also graduated with a first class honors. From the University of Michigan Center, he decided to major in plastic surgeries from minor surgeries at the University of Oxford in England.

The world of cosmetic surgery on
has come to a full blown light and accessibility these days. Whether it is from wrinkling face to the happy Botox and the full-blown facelift as well as the breast implants. It is in this industry that it always seems to be a natural candidate that will always be enacted and disrupted by these novice entrepreneurs.

However, the industry these days is not limited to the wealthy socialites as well as the celebrities. It is now a mainstream activity accessible to virtually anyone interested in the services and big thanks to the TV shows like Extreme makeovers and Botched and also the infomercial ads that promote the very latest in the market of anti-aging products from cosmetics range.

As a result, there is an increase in prospective patients that do travel far and wide in search of doctors and get info through consultation that ends up costing up to five hundred dollars. Dr. Grey Breslow has developed the most efficient way to get doctors connected to patients online and offer solutions to them at the most affordable and comfortable way even through the chat forums. See:

Securus Finishes Investigation for Louisiana Public Service Commission

Inmate communications is a huge market. Recently, Securus Technologies, a review firm located in Dallas, Texas, just released a report of their findings regarding the current systems in use. Their goal was to investigate any wrongdoing in the prison communication system. One of their main targets was GTL.

GTL is one of the biggest providers of the communication systems. The reports were to look at specific allegations of complaints made against GTL and other vendors. Some carriers have sunk to all time lows to overcharge the prisons and inmates for making simple phone calls. However, the report found the GTL did not violate and abuse the systems. The investigation found that GTL does things the right way.

Securus reviewed many complaints made about GTL and they will release the findings over the next few months. In one instance, GTL has been accused of double billing the customers. Actually, the reports state that they could not find any infractions of that nature. Their job was to ensure that the telecommunication vendors brought a higher level of integrity to the prison phone communication systems.

They carry a big responsibility to the families of inmates and the inmates themselves. The call prices have been out of control. Some say that just a 15-minute call to a loved one in prison can cost upwards of $12-$15. Most families cannot afford to make such calls, and therefore their relationships suffer as a consequence. Securus took their job seriously and wanted to ensure that the information was as factual as possible.

The company was called to inspect from the Louisiana Public Service Commission. After so many complaints about the cost of calls, they felt it was about time they did something about it.

Securus Video Visitation – Kids from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

Kevin Seawright Climbs the Ladder of Success

Kevin Seawright was recently on the Larry Young Morning Show and spoke about his project with RPS Solutions. RPS Solutions was created in 2015 and constructs affordable homes in Baltimore. Kevin Seawright used his time on the show to talk about the company’s goals. He feels that the company and himself are simply passionate about Baltimore home ownership. The company deals with many first time home buyers and gives them the opportunity to own a home in a safe and stable neighborhood. He wants people to be proud of their home.

Kevin Seawright created RPS Solutions for the purpose of growing the home ownership rate past 48.3 percent. He wants to offer affordable options for the community and strives to create a safe and stable socioeconomic environment. The episode with Kevin Seawright can be view on the Larry Young Morning Show’s website.

Mr.Seawright is a business professional in the Baltimore area. He has used his career for working in local government sectors, helping education and working in the real estate world.He also worked as Executive Vice President for Neward Community Economic Development. For more information about him or to see what his future plans are with helping the community, he can be viewed on LinkedIn.

Kevin Seawright understands how hard it is to start a new business. He wants to help others reach their goals and is willing to offer loans to the right people. A small business can typically move forward and become fruitful. His goal is to take small businesses and move them to a higher threshold.

Kevin plans on continuing to build his career, help people find a comfortable home and spread the word about RPS Solutions. His business continues to grow and has build quite the positive reputation. Kevin has worked for Neward CEDC since September of 2014 and has stated that he truly enjoys working for the company.

Press Play KCRW And Wirth Discuss Drought Solutions

People all over the world are watching the California mountains and the Lake Tahoe area for the updates on the weather.

Winter brings skiers from all over to enjoy Lake Tahoe and Squaw Valley ski resorts. The recent drought has been in the headlines.

Everyone fears the possibility of less snow than normal. People are not allowed to use as much water daily because of the drought in California. Read more: How Will the Drought Affect California Ski Resorts?

The cut back is 27%. People are trying to stay positive and look forward to the cold winter season. The news of this being the driest season in a long time has got people asking what can they do? During a recent interview with Madeline Brand, Press play listeners got their answers.

The person Madeline was interviewing on Press Play is Andy Wirth. He is the CEO of Squaw Valley Holdings. He is concerned that everyone does not panic about the snow and winter season. He believes there will be enough snow to go around.

Because of fear and not understanding that summer and winter are not the same, tourism is down by about 20%. The drought is taking its toll on tourism.

Andy explains that this should not be going on right now due to the increase of summer events and the high numbers of participants to these events. He also explains that people should remember that out of 6000 acres, 4000 is usually covered in snow.

This is more than enough to satisfy any skier. Andy Wirth is hoping for a positive response to the recent interview. People tend to panic without thinking the whole situation out.

There are ways people can help with the moisture sand changes in the environment. We can all reduce our carbon footprints and make a difference in the world.

Madeline Brand of Press play was quick to ask how Squaw Valley and Californian resorts are going to handle a reduction in snow if it happens. Andy tells her that he hopes businesses and other resorts will position themselves to take advantage of the good snow years.

He is asking others to reduce their carbon footprints in the environment. He is asking everyone to plan on enjoying skiing this year just like the do every year.

Andy Wirth is a family man. His wife is a Real estate lawyer and they live in Truckee California. Andy has been with Squaw Valley for a few years. He has over 25 years experience. Andy was instrumental in the recent Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows merger.

Andy Wirth worked as a park backcountry ranger and a marketer for a steamboat ski and resort. Raising money for the wounded warrior project is important to Andy.

He recently had an accident ski diving and this made him think about his own life and how he was helping others. Check out his interview on KCRW.

Learn more about Andy Wirth:

New Partnership for Forefront Capital Advisors

Brad Reifler, the Chief Executive Officer and founder of Forefront Capital Advisors, has announced a partnership with Easter Seals Dixon Center. Partnering with Easter Seals Dixon Center gives Forefront Capital Advisors the opportunity to help veterans and their families grow financial stability, thus being better able to succeed in and contribute to their communities. The partnership is to include a donation in the amount of three million dollars. The three million dollars the company is donating will be used to fund numerous programs for veterans. These programs include health & wellness, education, job training and caregiver training.

Forefront Capital Advisors is a global financial services firm that is led by its founder Brad Reifler. They, along with subsidiaries, provide merchant banking, investment banking and alternative investment management. The company has created several public and private investment program opportunities. Their products are high yielding, yet risk mitigated.

Brad Reifler says the Easter Seals Dixon Center is breaking down barriers and connecting veterans and their families to ways to access employment, healthcare and education. They work both locally and nationally to positively impact the lives of veterans and their loved ones. By changing the conversation about veterans, they highlight the potential of and create live altering opportunities for those who served the United States.

A partnership with Easter Seals Dixon Center makes good business sense for Forefront Capital Advisors. It also gives their employees and clients the opportunity to support this important cause. Both organizations believe the partnership will be a success and look forward to continuing to do important work for veterans and military families.  Read more about Brad’s qualifications for this work on LinkedIn.