The right equipment for the badminton sport

In addition to choosing the right racquet and important information about badminton balls, the fashion aspect is not neglected. Below we give you a brief overview of the optimal equipment for your favorite sport.

badminton full kit

The appropriate and professional equipment(badminton kit carrying bag) for all sports and also for the badminton sport is an absolute must. With all-around equipment, from clothing to badminton and racquet you’ll feel good and enjoy the game.

The perfect outfit

At the top of your outfit is security. Takes you to shoes that provide the best grip, as fast rallies bring a high running intensity with lunges and jumps. To prevent the risk of injury, choose comfortable models with excellent grip, excellent cushioning and ankle strength. With so many features, the shoe does not have to lose its fashionable style. From classic simple to dynamic colorful designs, there is everything your heart desires. The choice of breathable lightweight materials and a comfortable fit have a significant impact on your playing High-quality products from well-known manufacturers, even at affordable prices, you can easily order online.

The badminton racket

Whether beginner, advanced or professional player – choosing the right badminton racquet or racquet is essential for a successful game. Here are some key facts for the right purchase:

For beginners, the choice of a durable and lightweight racquet is recommended for easy handling. This does not have to cost a lot, because you demand a lot of material for the first time and even an expensive racket does not forgive you when you often fly out of the hand. Rummaging is worth it because often there are many reduced brand products.

Advanced players will be able to boost their ambition with a sturdy soft-bottomed bat. The club head is less susceptible to twisting and compensates for unclean stroke precision. At the same time, the lightness ensures good ball acceleration.

The racket for professionals and competition players is extremely lightweight and requires a high degree of control and gameplay. The club head can withstand all twisting and supports a high impact precision while the soft and flexible shaft guarantees a high ball acceleration.

The badminton ball

The badminton or badminton shuttlecock is made of nylon or natural materials. The airspeed is the decisive criterion in the selection here. Higher weight nylon balls are slower and more suitable for beginners. As a rule, these balls are cheaper and more durable and therefore perfect for recreational players and beginners.

Performance-oriented players mainly use balls with cork feet and natural feathers made of goose or duck feathers. These high-quality balls are characterized by a low weight and ensure a high airspeed for a quick change of racks.