Warm toilet seats


If you can’t face the shock of a cold toilet seat on a freezing night, there are a few solutions you can try.

Wooden Toilet Seats

Perhaps the easiest solution is to fit a wooden toilet seat.  These add a note of luxury to your bathroom decor and are deliciously warm to sit on.  They are available in a variety of different woods and wood finishes.  The timber look goes especially well if you have a Scandinavian style decor.

Real estate agents will tell you that a wooden toilet seat makes it easier to sell your home. 

Padded Toilet Seats

There are also padded toilet seats that protect you from the cold and also have a luxurious soft sensation.  They are simple to install and need no plumbing or wiring.


Heated Toilet Seat ideas

Or you can go the whole way and install an electrically heated toilet seat that gives you control over the temperature and is the ultimate in luxury.

All over the world, individuals are awakened with the urge to get to the bathroom only to be startled by an icy toilet seat. If you have ever experienced the unmistakable shock of sitting on a cold toilet seat in the middle of the night, you will know how frustrating it can be to get back to sleep when you have been jolted by a sub-zero reception in the bathroom.

If this sounds familiar, there is a simple solution, a toilet seat you can heat. There is nothing like a warm toilet seat waiting for you on a cold winter morning. Like a friend in the most private place in your home, your toilet greets you with a friendly hello and a typical warmth of 25 degrees above room temperature.

It is a simple pleasure many do not realize is available. Others think it may be a luxury composting toilets they cannot afford. For only a few bucks, the icy cold specter of a hard plastic seat waiting for you in the middle of the night can be turned into an extremely comfortable experience. Of course, it can feel like a guilty pleasure for some, but for others, the thought of a cold bottom on winter’s eve is enough of an incentive to make the switch.

If you are looking for that special gift or even an off the wall present that you know will not be on the wedding table, a heated toilet seat may be just the right present. Of course, you can always pick up one for yourself.

Everyone deserves a restful nights sleep and a warm heated toilet seat is an easy way to get there.